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In the past few years, I’ve given readings and talks at PEN New England events, the Harvard Club, endless bookstores, colleges and universities, conferences, and on radio and television. With a long background in teaching—and a little bit of theater training—I find it a joy to work with readers and listeners of all ages. With the advent of GIRL IN THE ARENA, I am doing high school talks.

Here’s a quick snapshot of my background: I am the author of three novels and various short stories and essays. Currently  Writer in Residence at Emerson College, I have been Briggs-Copeland Lecturer at Harvard, and my other teaching credits include UCLA, UCSB, and Stonecoast at the University of Southern Maine. I grew up in Chicago, lived in Southern California for many years, and now reside in the Boston area. I hold a B.A. from Syracuse University and an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars.

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“When Lise Haines visited my tenth through twelfth grade Creative Writing class, the students were very interested to hear about her writing process and especially her publishing process.  Ms. Haines gave them a firsthand account of the life of a published author in a dynamic, engaging way.  She got them involved by asking as well as answering questions, giving them a relevant writing prompt, and showing them her creative website and book trailer.”~Lisa Hurtubise, BELMONT HIGH SCHOOL, Belmont, MA

I am so grateful that you made the time to come visit my creative writing class.  Students enjoyed learning about the writing and research process behind Girl in the Arena.  They got a kick out of watching the trailer for the book as well.  Students were really excited to hear from you about the creative process behind writing a book and to learn that writers were interested in their world.  Your coming to spend time with them really got them to see that writers are real people with human responsibilities-raising children, finishing school, earning a living-and, moreover, that writing takes dedication and perseverance, two components of success that we constantly try to instill in our students.  This has contributed to helping them see themselves as writers.”~Robert Brutus, Boston Prep, Boston, MA

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