Sunday, December 24th, 2006

Kathryn Pope Interviews Lise Haines

By KATHRYN POPE The newest novel by Lise Haines, Small Acts of Sex and Electricity, shows the complex relationships between two women who have been friends since childhood and the questions that are raised when one of these women disappears.... more »

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Backstory of Small Acts of Sex and Electricity

Small Acts of Sex and Electricity began with the voice of my narrator, Mattie. Eventually I would realize that Mattie was an appraiser of fine arts and antiques, single, mid-thirties, collected neon signs, lived in a converted loft space in... more »

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

Excerpt from Small Acts of Sex and Electricity

I found Mike passed out on the master bed, curled on his side, the covers down around the floor. Maybe he had kicked them off. Sometimes he and Jane slept that way. There was a tiny pool of moisture where... more »