Girl In The Arena nominated for a South Carolina Book Award: here.

“This book is like Edith Wharton/Jane Austen + Ridley Scott + George Saunders.” ~Cathy Day, author of The Circus in Winter

“The showdown is cleverly designed, and the novel’s girl-power heart is in the right place, but what makes Girl in the Arena tick is Lyn’s engaging, often-sardonic voice…She makes it easy to root for her.”~ L. A. TIMES.

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Lyn’s PLAYLIST here.

Girl in the Arena a Recommended Book by Salon.com.





Best Debut Performance by a Heroine in a Leading Role: Lyn from Girl in the Arena ~Angie of Angieville guest-blogging on Book Smugglers.

A Normal Day in the Life of a Gladiator Fan by Sienna Haines: YouTube Preview Image.

“Not only does Ms. Haines employ a bold, effective writing style refreshingly different from anything else on the YA market, but the story itself is phenomenal, with one of the finest heroines I have had the pleasure of reading all year. It’s also a scathing look at our society of violence, greed and instant gratification, and an effective cautionary parable for present day America….This is a book to be bought, to be read, to be remembered. I loved it wholeheartedly, and I recommend it to everyone. Ms. Haines has left her mark, and I cannot wait to read more from this promising author.”~The Book Smugglers

“It’s dystopian storytelling at its most honest, urgent, and very best. I freaking loved this book and it has instantly earned a spot on my Best Books of 2009 list.” ~Angieville

“The book was so engrossing, so powerful, so different…I can’t recommend it enough…I loved it.” ~J Kaye’s Book Blog


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AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION:Vividly rendered, this story of self-determination, loss, grief, and survival is set in a contemporary but alternative world permeated with virtual reality and an extreme-sport gladiator subculture. Eighteen-year-old pacifist Lyn has no intention of becoming a traditional gladiator’s wife. Then her stepdad, Tommy, is killed in an arena fight, and she faces an impossible choice: to follow the corporate-run Gladiator Sports Association’s rules, which require her to marry his competitor, Uber; or to protect her family’s future by entering the arena herself, with possibly devastating consequences. Referencing history and pop culture, Lyn’s droll, sometimes poignant first-person narrative is engaging and intimate, and it deftly combines romance, Lyn’s family responsibilities, and thought-provoking, frequently satirical looks at societal issues, such as celebrity, violence, and a culture that prizes profit over compassion. The scenes are occasionally disturbing and gruesome, but the diverse characters, chillingly hyperrealistic scenarios, and the strong, appealing protagonist provide an immersing read that is likely to attract fans of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. ~Booklist

“Entertainingly gruesome and emotionally resonant.” ~Kirkus

Girl in the Arena is a heart-pounding, suspenseful read with twists and turns you won’t see coming…” ~The Compulsive Reader


Lise Haines’s novel, a dark satire for our time, is a mesmerizing look at a modern world addicted to violence, fame, and greed—a world eerily close to our own.


During the week, Lyn lives in a big house in Cambridge, and hangs out with friends in Harvard Square. But over the weekends she cheers her father on when he gears up for neo-gladiator competition—a high-profile televised blood sport that rivals the NFL. Lyn’s father is the top player in the league, and the paparazzi that have always swarmed him have started to dog Lyn’s every move. All this fame comes with an even higher price. Lyn’s family lives with the constant presence of violence, uncertainty, and a strict cultural code set by the Gladiator Sports Association. When a skilled young fighter slays Lyn’s father, the GSA imposes an unthinkable sentence—Lyn must marry her father’s murderer. Though her mother has made a career out of marrying into Glad culture, Lyn is prepared to do whatever it takes to claim her independence. Even if it means going into the arena herself….

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