Prophecies of Love

Some people, well…a lot of people…like to think they can manipulate things like romantic love–even how and when love will arrive. I have personally known people to do the following in order to bring love to their door. They…

  • Lit red candles at the new moon while chanting secret words.
  • Read through more than 650,000 profiles and sent at least 289 winks to people who have, sometimes, lied about things.
  • Had their palms read, their irises diagnosed, their auras deciphered, their feet singed on hot coals (warning: don’t do this).
  • Searched for high school crushes, college sweethearts, people they made eye contact with but never talked to on the subway.
  • Washed their hair. Thoroughly.
  • Read Love in the Time of Cholera.
  • Watched Bell, Book, and Candle and gone to an animal shelter in search of a cat.
  • Let the whole thing go, as in, —You know it always happens when you stop looking.

I have come to believe there are mysteries we cannot control.

MCCALL STYLE & BEAUTY by George Eastman House.
essay copyright lise haines

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