And then what happened?!

It’s true, people write some dull sop on Face Book. There’s the business about eating a grilled cheese sandwich, or brushing one’s hair and darn the brush just broke, or hanging a coat on a plastic hanger.
Of course…if you get enough writers on board, when we aren’t depressed or hyper or giving you the exact word count on our production for the day, we’re busy creating the magazine of FB. And one of the things we toss around, in a variety of ways both direct and indirect, is what makes for good storytelling.
This one came by way of Tom and Susan Chehak, and I think this girl could put us all out of business:
YouTube Preview Image
To learn more about the storyteller, and how you might help the children of Mongolia: here you go.
Did you say something about Mongolia? Why yes, I did.


  1. Ooh, love this story-telling wonder–she is a spellbinder.
    About Facebook: have to say, it’s really Twitter, in my brief experience, that serves up way too much info about what everyone is snacking on. Got a post wondering what it would taste like to dunk a cookie in coffee, then minutes later a post describing the experience– enough already.

    But actually I often like the little non-food-centered slices of ‘life’ on FB; an old friend with a wonderful Southern drawl, now living far away, posted on her FB wall, “I just took a walk in the rain” and I could hear her voice!